The Design Process


The consultation is the first opportunity we have to meet with you, our client.  

This meeting is essential in helping to develop the strong relationship necessary to create an inspired landscape design.  During the meeting we will gather answers to all the generic questions.  For example: how many people live in your home, what are your favorite colors, and what are the features you would like to incorporate in your new outdoor living space.  While these questions are a vital component, our goal is to determine something much more meaningful.  What will make this garden extraordinary for you?  To achieve this, we will also ask pointed and personal questions in order for us to understand the vision you have of your home.  We strive to listen to you, our client.


The design process is a significant commitment for both you and your designer.  The many hours of time we spend working on your design shows in the end product.  We are serious about our unique creativity.  During the initial consultation, a design fee will be discussed.  This fee will be based on the scale of the project and the complexity of the construction.  There is no fee for the initial consultation, however in order for the process to continue it is necessary for you to sign the design contract and submit full payment of the design fee.


The site analysis is our chance to study your property to determine all the opportunities and challenges we may face during the design and installation phases of your project.  Here we create a detailed inventory of the property including, precise measurements, drainage within and around the property, and any exceptional or interesting features that may inspire creative ideas for your design.


The conceptual design is an opportunity for your designer to collaborate with other members of our design team to develop fresh and imaginative ideas for your design.  Our goal is to meld together the ideas generated from our initial consultation and those of other designers to create an inspirational design.  During this process numerous design ideas will be collected and considered.


The master plan is where “the pencil meets the paper.”  It is our chance to illustrate our ideas through a computer generated plan.  Your designer will take the information collected from the previous phases and consolidate them into one unique plan.  This plan will be used to help you and our craftsman visualize the distinctive features and ideas that have been envisioned for your project. 


The proposal is where our experience really shines.  Due to the many projects we have installed, we are able to create a comprehensive proposal.  This proposal will help describe the details of the project and the costs related to them.  Our detailed proposal is an important element of the design process.  It gives you a true representation of what is necessary to complete the project.