Our Values


At Drescher Landscaping, Inc. our designs are developed through an extensive design process.  Our first goal is to listen to you, our client.  It is our responsibility to translate your visions into reality.  We share in your excitement for your project.  By asking pointed questions, we draw out the information we need to become your partner in the development of your new outdoor living space.  The design process is the result of many years of experience.  We foster our creativity by challenging ourselves to produce unique and exciting gardens for you and all our clients.  Our designs are the result of sudden and stirring creative thoughts that come during intuitive moments.  These thoughts are not forced.  They may even come at times completely removed from the active work on a particular project.  Our ideas come from many avenues and from all the members of our design team.  Each design is carefully considered by our entire team.  From these creative ideas, it is our responsibility to our clients to meld them into a cohesive and workable plan.  Creative thoughts in the air are just that.  Creative thoughts which can be implemented for our clients are the valuable product we offer.



We are filled with excitement by the relationship we develop with our clients through the design process.  This relationship continues and grows through the next phase of the project, the implementation.  Our craftsmen have an extensive knowledge of both the construction and installation of our projects.  Through a collaborative effort between your designer and our craftsmen, the visions of the design come to life.  Every decision is made using the best construction techniques available today.  Your involvement in the project implementation is important to us.  Your input during the installation will ensure a landscape that is both inspirational and functional for your family.


We value our long term relationship with both you and our communities in which we work and live.  We also value both your integrity and ours.  The truth in our words and actions is not taken lightly.  We are honest to a fault with everyone we come into contact with.  Nothing is glossed over.  We will not lay an item on the back burner in the hopes that it will go away.  Issues we see, which may compromise a project, are addressed before a project is begun.  We rely on our years of experience to be able to predict issues and address concerns.  Our foresight is the result of thousands of projects covering a vast array of details.  We will communicate with you, our client in an open and honest manner.  This is what we expect of ourselves and receive from our clients.